And I'm Back on the Heights Again!

Monday, November 5, 2012


If you've read my "About Me", I am sure you are wondering why is a Biology graduate pursuing her MSA/MSF? Why the change?

You are definitely not the first nor the last individual to ask that question. I always excelled in the Sciences throughout High School and figured that a career in the Healthcare industry would provide me with a stable job that will always be in demand around the world (my family is from Brazil and I thought that I might want to live there in the future). I decided to pursue a BS in Biology during my undergraduate career and to look into the various career paths available. During my summers, I worked in research labs and at the end of the second summer, I decided that research was not for me: I was on the wrong side of the Healthcare Industry.

A friend of mine in CSOM suggested that I take a couple business courses to see if they would interest me. With her recommendation I took a course called Persepectives on Management taught by John Clavin and Richard Powers, both graduates of Boston College who have gone on to have very successful careers. This class was a combination of case studies, lectures and a weekly outside speaker (usually a BC alumnus). It provided me with the opportunity to learn about the management of a variety of different industries including not-for-profits, large accounting firms, entrepeneiural ventures, the healthcare industry, etc. The experiences of the our guest speakers really resonated with me. After enjoying and exceeding in this class I went on to take Accounting and Finance courses in CSOM.

With my senior year underway, I decided that I should continue my academic career after graduation. I began looking into Master's degree programs and I was excited to find that Boston College had a MSA/MSF degree that could be tailored to a non-business degree undergraduate. I felt as though the MSA degree would provide me with a strong foundation in the "language of business" and that the MSF degree would allow me to pursue my goal of working on the corporate finance side of a pharmaceutical or healthscience company. December came around, I applied and I was accepted!

With that said and done, its been a crazy 6 months with my May graduation, summer classes and now my fall classes. Luckily, I have managed to meet some great new people in my classes as well as others through the Graduate Management Association (I'm a rep woot woot!).